A tech pack is related to terms like technical specification, spec-pack, GWS (garment worksheet), specification pack or even BOM (bill of materials). It is a reference for the garment technician, pattern maker and the manufacturer. Tech pack is still not a familiar term to most of the clients who are in the Private Label Fashion Brand industry. So let us get through the details of a tech pack and the misconceptions surrounding this concept.


Why is tech pack considered as an essential part of Private Label Garment manufacturing business?

A tech pack is the beginning stage of getting a finalized garment. It provides important details like, determining the cost of the apparel, fabric needed to produce the desired design, and the time taken to manufacture the same. The pattern maker will use the measurement after referring the document and the machinist can take down the construction notes. A perfect tech pack can easily give you the freedom to control the measurements according to your styles and eventually you learn the measurement you need to follow for your customers.  From the manufacturing perspective you will get to understand the difference in the price of different manufacturers and hence, this helps in quoting the best price and also gets the expected result.

Proper security is the most important reason to have a tech pack. When you are specific about your contract terms with supplier and the code of conduct, then the factory is bound to follow the tech pack when you approve the final sample. This is an assurance that the bulk order which you receive is as per the tech pack in terms of construction, fabric and measurements.

What should you expect from a tech pack?

There is no particular judgment on how a tech pack should look, as there are different ways to make it.  But few key details should be consistent in any tech pack to avoid unwanted confusions. Measurements, tolerance, sample, construction notes, grade rules, fabric and packaging information are required to be considered. It is also important to have a negotiating experience as you can build up details on the basis of a super clear spec. For instance, you can be detail oriented in terms of the fabric and include the percentage of cotton or polyester expected in it.  This will help you get what you really want and also will be worth you investment. On the other hand, if you are bit open about the specification or fabric in particular, then the factory will have more option in terms of quality and price. You can always update the tech pack accordingly.


Sometimes it is possible that your tech pack has a lot of empty column, but there is nothing to worry about it. These aren’t incomplete documents, as it can fill during the fit process or even after finalizing the labels and shipping providers.

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