A Private Label Fashion Brand will always be classified as change or countless number of options or variety. Earlier popular fashion or trends had long life, and the variety available in market was limited. From 20 decades the fashion industry has gone through tremendous changes. And these changes come from the requirements of the market. It is important to produce quality garments along with a profitable business.

Our process involves different stages, and every level is analyzed on the basis of professionalism and quality work.

  • Product development and pattern making
  • Apparel pattern grading
  • Marking and plotting
  • Cutting and sewing
  • Finishing touch, tagging and warehousing

Our services consist of the below listed tasks:-

  • Sample Development
  • Contract Sewing and Cutting
  • Finishing
  • Packaging of Retail Ready Apparel
  • Private Label

We take responsibility and care at every step as we believe in introducing innovative entrepreneurs in fashion industry. We take initiatives to build a comfortable environment and freedom to express ideas as we believe in every dedicated project.

We believe effort has to double the commitment, and only by this theory one can meet the expectations of the customers.

1. Cutting

This is the pillar of the entire garment manufacturing process and it is done by marking, plotting, cutting and sewing. The main thing to focus in this step is proper time management and accuracy.

2. Spreading Machine (Automatic)

Automatically lay the fabric according to the desired length and also detect the defective fabric.

1. Computer Aided Cutting Machine

This is an advanced technology as you will not need to do the cutting manually. Computer aided cutting are connected to the design developing software which receives the entire cutting plan and also the amount of fabric laid for the same. Things that the machine requires is marker planning lay checking and labeling of ply. This reduces the cutting time and also the number of workers. Apart from these benefits, it also offers accuracy which prevents wastage and this can be turned into profits.

2. Sewing

This is one of the most integral parts of garment manufacturing and has improved a lot since last few decades. The two main concepts which you need to follow during the sewing process is consistency and maintaining uniformity. Modern machines are capable of performing more than one operation and also increase the level of comfort.

3. Sewing Technologies

New age sewing technologies offer automated sleeve packet sewing and front placket sewing, pocket welting machine and T shirt center placket sewing. Also, automated button fixing and belt loop attaching is performed effortlessly.

4. Fusing

Automated air hole seam fusing is an advanced technology which gives superior quality of attachable garment and also elevates production 5-6 times more.

5. Pressing and finishing

Last but not the least is pressing and finishing as the appearance should be appealing enough to attract your target audience. Modern pressing methods are involved to make this task easier and perfect to its core.

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