India International Silk Fair

India International Silk Fair

India International Silk Fair is a real treat for Silk Lovers & folks who Promote Traditional Styles!

India International Silk Fair focuses on products inspired by silk or products merged in silk. This list includes products such as garments and fabrics, sarees, silk scarves, and made-ups, shawls, silk carpets, and accessories. An exposition exclusively designed for blended silk products is a real treat to the eyes.

India International Silk Fair
India International Silk at Pagathi Maidan is a real treat for Silk Lovers


With sincerity and the intense desire of our professionals, we have carved our own space in this domain of high-quality silk garments.  We have a bunch of experienced dressmakers who specialize in silk garment, and this exclusivity is rare these days when it comes to silk garments. Especially in designer saree collection, pure silk sarees or popularly known as pattu sarees in South will steal the show. A perfect artisan who has roots in the same niche can guarantee something beyond your expectations, right. India International Silk Fair does the same!

Silk Scarves & Made-ups

Multiple techniques in making scarves, especially printed scarves with custom sizes are not that easy, as it seems. People are always looking for scarves, which will look perfect when they club it with their favorite attire.

Silk Scarves @ International Silk Fair
Silk Scarves @ International Silk Fair 2018

Silk Shawl

Weddings are around the corner and accessories that go with the outfit become a tricky business. At this silk fair, you will not feel lost, because it stresses upon shawl and pashmina, which finishes the outfit. Apart from this, it also has a practical purpose of keeping you warm. You can be dead sure that one of the silk shawls will compliment your dress and will make you feel glamorous.

Silk Fabric

Silk Fabrics woven with hand machine is rare to find, you can expect this exclusivity here. Silk fabrics overtake many purposes apart from garments, from curtains to distinct home accessories; silk can play a significant role. If you get it from India International Silk Fair, all you need to do is weave it according to the customized requirement. For instance, walk through a catalog of silk saree blouse designs, and stitch the fabric with the coolest designs.

Silk Fabrics at India International silk Fair
Silk Fabrics at India International silk Fair


Hundreds of silk design inspirations fall under this category. Accessories include a myriad of products, which provides for souvenirs, jewelry boxes, customized photo albums, and other creative items. Every accessory is high demand products, designed professionally and given equal priority.

The Indian Silk Export Promotion Council (ISEPC) came into action in the year 1983 and sponsored by the Government of India in the Ministry of Textiles. The India International Silk Fair organized this year consists of blended silk products is a one-stop destination for classy silk garments and accessories. The Council at present has a membership of 583 regular exporters of silk goods and more than 1800 registered exporters. ISEPC works on the formulation of policy and this concern the silk sector to open doors for new opportunities. Numerous entrepreneurs get a chance to elevate their business in the thriving silk industry in India.

Exhibition Details:

Venue:  Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Date:    16th & 18th October 2018

Timings:  9A.M. to 6P.M.

Entry Fee: Visit official site